Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We got married!

So...the big day came and went. It was grand. So much fun. Thank you to all my fabulous bridesmaids, Shawn's groomsmen, and all my friends and family who made the day so wonderful.

Here are a few pics from Lyd's cool camera:

The bride...dun dun durrrraaaaa...

The fam. They worked so hard to pull the day off, especially our sweet parents. The love of parents is strong and so self-sacrificing. Thank you!

My sweet and soooo amazing bridesmaids. I'm blessed to know and have these gals as friends!

Lyndsay Evans: My new sister-in-law! She is loads of fun, and is such a sweet servant.
Carol Robertson: Sweet friend from college. This girl has a heart of gold, and such a joy!
Jessica Bolding: Another buddy from college...She's such a faithful friend, always there when I need her. I was her birthday on my wedding day. She was sweet and let us take the spotlight:)

Lydia Jones: My BFF! She is a precious friend, and my maid of honor. This girl is sooo much fun, She also has a beautiful heart, and I'm so blessed to call her my best friend.
And...the guys. Outstanding groomsmen. Clockwise: Dylan, Aldo (Tania's bro), Rob, Tim
Flower girl Karlie. Who knew bubbles could be so entertaining.

Fun times...

more to come...
p.s. To see our professional photos, go to
Hint:the password is my (Tania) new last name.

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