Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jess comes to visit!

I love it when we have friends from Texas come visit us! So refreshing to my soul to reconnect with wonderful friends. For the second time this year, we have had this sweet privlidge. My good friend from University, Jessica Bolding was here for this past week. We spent our time doing fun Christmas activities, going to fun cafes, and playing in the mountains. Such a fun time that reminded me how much I miss having more girlfriends in my life. I loved hearing about the things that God has been (and is) doing in Jess' life and the life of her local church. I also had a blast learning about square foot gardening and her life on the McVay's farm. We look forward to having more friends and family come visit in the near future (hint, hint Mom, dad, and brothers). For an awesome and detailed recap of Jess' visit, see her blog here. She has way more patience then me at this blogging thing. She captured the week so well.