Monday, January 12, 2009

Year-End. New-Year.

It's been way too long since I blogged. I had forgotten how much time and brain-power working consumes. My 5 month vacation came to an end October 27th, as I re-entered the workforce. It was a little weird getting back to the 9-5 routine, but I was happy and grateful to finally have a job...and, not just any job, but one that I love! My commute is less than a mile, and it's so far it's been a challenging and rewarding experience.

The Christmas season brought many wonderful memories to Shawn and I, as we enjoyed our first Christmas as a married couple. I tried hard to keep focus on the true meaning of Christmas, but have to admit that I did get caught up more than I wanted to on gift shopping and the stresses we are suppose to avoid over the holidays. I will be better prepared next year, soI can take in every moment of the magical season and the awesome truth that God came to be with us.

It's been a cold cold winter in Calgary. I never thought I would experience -37 degrees (C or F). That's pretty cold. alot.

We were blessed to celebrate Christmas Eve with Shawn's family and then fly to Houston on Christmas day to see my family. To my suprise and delight almost a dozen members of my extended family joined us from Mexico and Arizona, including my grandparents. My parents spoiled me like a child on Christmas with amazing and practical gifts to keep me warm in Calgary. I don't know what I did before my furry snow boots!

While in Houston we began work on a recipe book of my grandmothers authetic mexian cuisine. In addition to including the wonderful recipes, stories and anecdotes of the recipes will be woven throughout the book. We hope to have the book ready to print before the summer. Our wonderful friend Lydia Jones used her amazing photography talent to do some photography for the book. My mom, aunt, grandmother, and I had a blast cooking together one afternoon. Shawn even took his turn at the crushing the dry peppers with the morterr and pestal. He's so excited about this recipe book.

We're now back in Calgary, setting goals for the new year. Shawn will begin a new semester at Ambrose this week, and I am back to new challenges and delights of developing financial resources for Sonshine Community Services. Sometimes the task seems daunting and I feel so inexperienced, but the Lord encouraged me this week as I received notice that the very first grant application (Mary Kay Charitable Foundation) I submitted on behalf of Sonshine was one of ten applications selected to receive a grant! I've also had the opportunity to work on Sonshine's marketing plan for 2009 as well as begin developing plans for a Spring fundraising event.

I leave you with a picture of us with our friends Adam and Megan. They are our good buds. We love haning out with them once a month for good food and good conversation.
Oh, almost forgot: Happy New Year!