Wednesday, June 25, 2008

oh, Calgary

One week in Calgary's has passed. I'm wearing a sweater (In June) because the weather here is tricky. Up until noon it's brrr (Chilly. Tania needs to go back inside where its warm), then it gets warm enough to wear shorts. So here I am still wearing a sweater at Starbucks, hot, because I thought it was going to stay cold. You can tell I'm not from here.

It's been a good first week. Shawn started work at Coram Construction this Monday (Starts school in August), so I had him all day for almost a week before I was on my own during the day. Our days start EARLY because my dear husband must leave for training at 6:10 in the a.m. So we're up around 5:30, and I get to play wifey and make breakfast and send him off with his lunch for the day. Shawn's really digging this domestic gig for me, but once the unpacking and house nesting is done, I'll be needing more to occupy my time or I'll be booored. Until I find a job (tricky because I need to be sponsored by a company/organization for a work visa), I hope to perfect my domestic skills and do some volunteer work.

Shawn coming home after 1st day of work/training
Shawn's family has been super generous and supportive. We live less then 10 minutes from them, so we've enjoyed their hospitality (and great meals) lots. Lindsay, Shawn's sister, also lives in Calgary, so I was guaranteed a least one friend when I arrived:)

We live about 10 minutes from downtown and have great access to many things. Our house (by that I mean 2 bedroom basement suite (the housing here is expensive, and a little unbelievable at first for this Texas girl) is across the street from a shopping mall, which is awesome since gas prices are HIIIGH. For my friends and family in the U.S.A, be thankful for 3.95/gallon. Shawn and I filled up our SUV for 96.00!!! I thought I was going to cry. Gas is 1.33/Liter, which we figured to be equivalent to $4.92/gallon!! So, we are planning to switch to a smaller vehicle asap. Bikes are in the plans too.

I'm really grateful to be a 4 minute walk from a mall with a grocery store and a walmart (Starbucks too)! New concept for me. I've never heard of a grocery store being in a mall, but I'm really liking it. I went to the grocery store yesterday for the first time by my self. I walked with my reusable grocery bags (Canadians are very eco-friendly) over the grocery store. I felt a little lost because some things are in Kilos, some in grams, some in pounds, and I have no clue what the conversions are. Also, I'm not used to some of the brands, which made me an uncomfortable shopper. And boy are some things more expensive them I'm used to. (I saw cereal going for $6-10.) Coupons will be my new friend. Every product label, etc has the French equivalent, so its fun to read the labels to Shawn in my sad French accent.

Our reusable grocery bags. I feel guilty about throwing
anything away here. Recycle, Recycle.

We're in the process of finding furniture. A bed asap, so we can end the "camping" in our own bedroom. We have a beautiful dinning table that Shawn's parent's gave us. All our wedding gifts have been unpacked and put in their place. That was fun for me. I felt like a little girl playing house. Guess, we don't change much, huh?


the photo hound said...

Oh Canada!! Sounds like you guys are having a blast in super cute married life....I'm so excited for yall! Look at you two in the lil house and Shawn in his hard hat earnin' the bacon. Where are pictures of the casa? Love yall so much! Keep us updated.

B said...

I'm so excited for you! Everything sounds so wonderful :)

Karina said...

Hi Tania! It's Karina Venable. I've been reading your blog, and I've found it to be so encouraging! I'm excited for you and your new husband. You make a wonderful wife. My mother-in-law, Carolyn, told me that your wedding was absolutely beautiful and that your love for God was very evident. Way to glorify Him! Here's a link to a metric conversion chart I found online. Hopefully it helps!

happenstance said...

Tania, I'm so taking that same trip in like 6 weeks except I'm turning off at montana and going to Oregon! I can't wait and I seriously want to come up to canada some time.. I've never been and I think we could have some fun. Oh, and I love those cute little grocery bags, I have some of my own but I don't think they are as big.. sadly. You sould like you are having a great time there besides the cold weather in June. Just think of how it will be in actual winter?... eww! Love you!