Saturday, September 4, 2010


By now most of our friends and family know that we are expecting our first baby. Such joy this baby is already bringing to us and our families. God is gracious.

I'm now getting to the end of my 16th week of pregnancy, and baby Evans is due in mid February. It's easy to take for granted the miracle that is transpiring in my womb. Learning about the intricacies of a baby's creation is mind boggling. Around week 7 we thought we were going to loose the baby, so a new gratitude has grown in our hearts; however, we forget, and so we must remember to be grateful each day for this baby. In two weeks I will have my 18th week ultrasound and we will (hopefully) be able to know if baby is a boy or a girl. (We've already got a boy and a girl name picked out).

God calls children a blessing, and we are so thankful for the blessing of baby Evans. As we pray for our child, we desire more than anything that He or She would know Christ and love Him with their whole heart, mind, soul and strength and bring much glory to God with their life. I'm looking forward to retiring from full-time work outside the home to nurture and raise this child (and others should God give them to us) and be a support to Shawn.

I'll leave you with a picture of my growing baby bump.