Thursday, October 11, 2007


Shawn Evans asked me to marry his this past weekend! exciting! We've seen the Lord's hand already at work so much this past week, confirming his favor over our relationship. Shawn is such an amazing man, full of love and passion for God. He leads us into deeper faith, a life of prayer and a love for the Word of God. I'm so so blessed! Below is the story of the proposal, written by Shawn..he's also a great story teller.

The proposal was Saturday! It was supposed to be Friday, but my only plan - plan A, couldn't work because of the weather. I was going to take her up for a flight seeing tour of Galveston bay, right near Houston, but the weather was rough, and I know it was God's way of saying OK OK, cool out. You don't have to blow as much cash as you're thinking.

What really happened was God had something much cooler planned. We ended up having an early night and she had planned a date night the next night. We went to this water wall in Houston which is about 4 stories high, and just cascades water down this cement wall, on both sides, which is shaped like a semicircle. Very big. It was turned off when we got there. strike 1. Actually, we have our theories that it was off so this group of Buddhists wouldn't have good photos which they were taking about 10 minutes after we arrived to have a picnic. We ended up not eating for an hour after that but instead started praying. about 2 or 3 minutes later it started to rain, but not nearly as much on us, we being under a tree. They fled to a nearby shelter. This only encouraged us, and praying slowly became praying against deception of darkness, which became calling and casting out deceptive spirits from 75 feet off. This became singing, or more like almost yelling praise songs to the name of Jesus. Worship songs, and prayer, one would sing, one would pray, then the other way around, and we had something of a vigil against it.

We forgot to bring silverware, and eating with salad tongs, with an occasional cracker used as an eating tool. Pasta and salad. With salad tongs and crackers.Later, we went to listen to a jazz trio play at a church nearby in a music series they were doing. They had a dance floor and we got up for a number of them. It was really special. Following that, we went to a hotel lobby to listen to some recent work in composition I'd been putting together. I had written Tania a song called "Reflection", on which I played piano and sang, but for this occasion I told her there was a new work written for her. She wanted to hear it. "That depends on how you answer the next question, " I said. I took out the ring and said something like, "tonight has been the perfect metaphor of what God has put ahead of us, and I can't imagine being next to anyone else for it...Tania, will you marry me?" think that's what I said. 5 minutes later, we got ourselves together and listened to the second song written for her. You know, Because she got the answer right.