Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Job

After months, and months (and I mean months) of searching, applying, praying, and more searching, and more praying, and more applying, I have finally accepted a job! And not just any job, but a job that I am so excited about. It's been a frustrating few months of searching, getting rejected, and rejecting "good jobs," because I knew that I would be a miserable for 40-50 hours each week. (I wish I could explain the rollercoaster its been).

At last though, God has opened a wonderful opportunity. I will be working for an organization called Somebody Cares America, a network of relief/compassion organizations in the U.S. Their mission is "To let people know that Somebody Cares. Because Jesus cares, we, the church, care. As a result, through grass-roots efforts, communities are transformed and the church is uniting. This is unity with a purpose in action." I will be working with them on their marketing initiatives, fundraising/donor relations, media/communications, and many other operational things. For example, one of my first projects will be to help them finalize a diaster relief manuel to be used to train churches (and maybe other ministries and organizations??) on disaster relief prepardness, much of it based on lessons learned from Katrina and Rita. In addition, I will also be getting involved with the programs and initatives of the Somebody Cares Houston chapter and their parent organization Turning Point Ministries. There is probably a lot more I'll be involved in that I don't know about yet, so stay tuned.

Since I was about 17 years old, God had put a great desire in my heart to work for a international relief/compassion organization. It's funny how even though I toyed a lot with other career options (ones that would make more money, required less risk, made my parents super proud of me etc, etc), that desire never left me. It haunted me greatly. Graciously, God has brought me back full circle and has given me the opportunity to do something I love, something that He has put in my heart to love. I'm grateful and excited.

I also want to encourage you to not ignore those desires God has placed in your heart. Living for ourselves is far too small a goal in life. Sacrifice and risk might be involved, but if God has called you to do something, He has everything in the world at His disposal to help you achieve it. And I'm not necessarily talking about ministry. If God has placed a great desire in you to be a great athlete, musician, artist, teacher, accountant, doctor, whatever, then be the best at it for His glory (not your own), and make sure the world knows that you are the best at it for His glory.

"Some trust in chariots and some in horses [for many of us this could be jobs, degrees, money, titles, etc, etc] , but we trust in the name of the LORD our God." (Psalm 20:7)

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