Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Because He loves me

For the past few days, we've all been fighting colds, which means  a lot of  whininess (sp?) from Karis, and achy tired bodies for Shawn and I. Additionally, we're coming on a two month battle with Karis to not cry/whine  through her naptime  (we had a few days of success, but they were short-lived). My patience has been running low, my self-pity high. The reason I share this is to illustrate how such small "troubles" can bring out so much sin in me. I've raised my voice unkindly way too many times, I've been bitter, selfish, and just plain unloving frequently toward the man I pledged to love more than any other human being. This confession could go on and on; however, that's not the point. My point is remind myself that  when I am tempted to think God is "getting me" or "not listening to my prayers," I can kick that thought out quickly and know that it is because he loves me and he loves his holiness that he allows these frustrations to come into my life. They are so small relatively speaking, and yet they are enough to reveal and purge so much sin in me. I pray I don't waste these sanctifying opportunities that He is lovingly giving me. Moreover, as I learn to be grateful and content despite crying children and interrupted times of rest, I learn to find joy in Christ simply for Him, and not for what He gives or brings (i.e. children who don't demand much and long, synchronized naps from both children). And that is the greatest and most loving gift God can give us - Him, our greatest joy so he gets the greatest glory.

I'm just so ready to shake off this pettiness  and selfishness, but I know only a work of God in my heart can bring about true change in me. I've read just this week of two families who are adopting or have adopted children with severe special needs, as in no limbs. Wow. And I can't seem to trust God to help me handle a whiny toddler. I wonder if our petty sins keeps us from doing such extraordinary things for God's glory. I think so. Help us Lord to treasure you above all, especially our comfort, and so go out in faith to do great things for the glory and fame of your name. 

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Juanita Stauffer said...

Thank you for this reminder, Tania.